Saturday, October 14, 2006

Disc Wizard Starter Edition V 10.45.06(DM 10.45.06)

Disc wizard is a software which makes partitions of large drives easily. This is used for formatting Seagate hard disks only. When we purchase Seagate hard disks then we can get this program bundled with Seagate hard disks. This software makes NTFS,FAT 32 and FAT 16 partitions for Windows XP/2000/Me/98.

Disc wizard analyzes the system and it identifies O.S version, type and speed of processor,System BIOS capabilities,existing hard disk model etc. It uses this information to guide the user during the installation process. It has advanced partitioning features and it can easily make partitions of large drives. Disc wizard starter edition requires atleast 800x600 resolution.

For installation and other details, For DWSE diskette creator file visit the following site

Download Disc Wizard Starter Edition

Software Developer: Seagate

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